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Nail Treatments:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Minx
  • Shellac


“I come regularly for a pedicure and every time they are fantastic, lots of colours to choose from and a beautiful finish”

File & Polish

Fabulous treat for your hands which includes cleaning, buffing, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing.

Mini Manicure

The perfect "tune-up" service designed for you when time efficiency is important. We'll exfoliate and clean hands, softening any damaged cuticles then tidy up nails and polish to perfection, including base and topcoat.

Standard Manicure

This treatment includes cleaning, buffing, exfoliating, trimming, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing. During your manicure, we will soften the cuticle and gently push it back, trimming only when needed or requested. A massage for hands and arms is performed, finished with either a colour or clear polish to complete this gorgeous treat.

Luxury Hot Paraffin Manicure

A paraffin manicure will soothe and rejuvenate your hands. After you receive a manicure, we will apply hot paraffin to hydrate your hands and increase moisture. The paraffin manicure will improve circulation and leave your hands feeling as soft as can be.


  • Pedicuring is the art of caring for the feet and toenails.
  • A Pedicure can increase the comfort level of your feet.
  • A Pedicure will enhance the appearance of your feet.
  • Receiving a pedicure can be exceptionally relaxing.

Standard Pedicure

This is an ideal "tune-up" service designed for you when time efficiency is important. We will massage your feet then exfoliate and clean them, removing hard skin with a foot file, We will then tidy up nails and polish to perfection, including base and topcoat.

Luxury Pedicure with Heated Booties

With a luxury foot pedicure, your feet will thank you from the bottom of their sole. After receiving a pedicure, your feet will be treated with heated booties to improve circulation. A luxury foot pedicure will nourish, heal, and soothe your feet.

Minx Nails 

This is a new revolutionary form of nail art, that promises not to chip or smudge an requires no drying time.

Choose from many different designs there really is something for everyone.

Benefits to Minx nails

  • No drying time
  • Will not smudge or chip
  • Lasts for up to 4 weeks
  • As seen on many celebrities
  • There’s a design for every occasion.

Testimonial For Minx

“I had minx on my toes for my holiday, I had the pink leopard print design, it looked so funky. My nails were just as good at the end of my holiday as they were at the beginning, even though I was in and out of the sea and on a sandy beach”.

Nail Treatments

with O.P.I Pro Spa

File & Polish   £9.50

Cut, File & Polish   £9.50

Express Manicure   £12.50

Signature Manicure   £17.00

Pamper Manicure   £23.50

Anti-Ageing Manicure   £14.50

Signature Pedicure   £23.50

Pamper Pedicure   £34.50

Callus Foot Treatment   £14.50


Nail Polish Finish   £2.00

Minx Nails

Minx mini manicure   £23.00

Minx standard manicure   £32.00

Minx mini pedicure   £27.00

Minx standard pedicure   £35.00

Shellac Nails

Shellac Mini Manicure   £24.00

Shellac Mini Pedicure   £28.50

Shellac Standard Pedicure   £36.00

Shellac Removal   £9.50